Efficient Fuel Solutions, LLC

21st Century Fuel Management Technology




Efficient Fuel Solutions, LLC has four products available in one-pint containers.  These high-density plastic bottles are completely resistant to the solvent in the product.  They have child-proof caps.  These bottles have a side reservoir allowing the product to be transferred to fuel tanks in measured quantities.  The four products available in bottles are:

FuelSpec® 114-10 Combustion Catalyst for on-road applications.

FuelSpec® 117-2505 Combustion Catalyst for off-road applications.

FuelSpec® 191 Sludge Dispersant for tank cleaning.

FuelSpec® 195 Lubricity Agent.

One, Five and Fifteen Gallon Containers

We can ship products in these size containers.  These size containers can be shipped on pallets within the 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 3 ft. requirement.  Efficient Fuel Solutions, LLC holds down the additional cost of these size containers by charging the buyer the actual cost of these containers, including filling and handling in addition to placing the product in drums.  This is required as we must first place the product in drums and fill the smaller containers from these drums.  Please inquire for specific costs.


Efficient Fuel Solutions, LLC products are available in 55-gallon 18/20 gage steel drums.  Drums are shipped on heat-treated pallets that meet importation requirements.  Drums are strapped for stability and shrink-wrapped with plastic to avoid humidity and moisture in ocean shipments. 

Drums can be shipped in ocean going containers or over-the-road trucks in quantities up to 80 drums.  The limit depends on the weight of the product so that road limits are not exceeded.  We can ship 80 drums in 20 foot ocean going containers by double stacking.  We use plywood between stacks to avoid damage to drums.

We normally ship in black drums.  Other colors are available on request. The total weight of a drum plus pallet is 45 - 50 lbs.  This weight must be added to the product net weight to get the total shipping weight.  Pallets are 4 ft. by 4 ft.  Drums are 3 ft. in height to get the volume for a pallet.


We can ship in stainless steel totes in three sizes; 275, 330 and 550 gallons.  Totes can be leased at a rate of about $5.00 per day.  This can be a convenient method of shipment where fast turn around is achieved, saving the need to store and dispose of drums.

Bulk Quantities

All of Efficient Fuel Solutions, LLC 's products are available in bulk quantities.  A typical bulk quantity would be a truck-load (approximately 4,000 gallons) for over-the-road delivery, railcars for up to 20,000 gallon shipments and 5,300 gallon bulk containers for ocean shipment.  The advantage of this is that the cost and disposal of drums and smaller containers is saved.  The disadvantage is that we cannot ship in bulk in less than truck-load quantities.